Peek-a-sneak of Miss General

Its no doubt the Colour Blocking trend has exploded in every shop under the sun for this Spring/Summer season. Soon enough every tom, dick, harry and sam will be decked out in colours that one may not usually fathom. But, while the trends hot and everyone is high of its colourful hues we might as well embrace it! I sure am (check out my blue suede shoes 'supa tubes') And Miss General designs aka my good friend Kate Generalao, sure has too, with her new-not-even-launched-yet-laser-cut-Jewellery line that is oh so fresh and exactly what you need to top off that head-to-toe colour blocked outfit.  

As her styling consultant for the shoot and during the design process, I was given free reigns to "do whatever" So I opted for Gold Glittered hair, black body suits and dark eyes to compliment the first half of her range. The glittered hair spray was actually courtesy of my 12 22-yr-old brother, remember the one I told you about with all those toys? Well, it was his grand idea to dress up as the Soccer World Cup Trophy and spray himself Gold including his hair for my sister's Viva Espana going-away party. Not too sure why he didn't end up doing it? Bro it was such as smart idea! (I may sound sarcastic, but no, this is definitely one of his brightest ideas he's ever come up with! Kudos bro! Kudos) And thus, I turned to the unused glitter hairspray laying around my house. 

Enough about my brother and his glitter hairspray, meet Maddison from Chic Management - the star of the shoot. 

She brought her natural beauty and hilarious-ness to the shoot. (yes, I know, hilarious-ness is not a word, but hilarity or humour sounds so ---- boring. Agreed?) With her being like 100 ft tall, equipped with legs that literally went for miles, it didn't help me with my smurf-sized-stature. Don't worry, I'm creative, I found ways around it, i.e under the coat. 

She was a pleasure to style and so willing to climb the rocks, balance on the bridge, lay on an old thorny tree, and work, work, work until we got the final frame. Oh and #FunFact: Maddi is actually my Friends little sister and I was so proud to see her doing her thang, working it like a pro both at the shoot and at the 'Where Couture meets Cure' event on wednesday night - I'll post my video up soon! She is definitely destined for big things. 

And lets not forget about the lady behind the lens. Christine from Cai Photography snapped away capturing even the best behind-the-scene moments. Although studying criminology at Uni, Photography is definitely one of her passions and forte's. I'm really excited to see the finished product, its all a waiting game now - but never fear, I'll keep posting more exciting things to fill your time. I got cho' back!

xoxo your little lady,



  1. Wow when is the collection coming out? looking forward to it!

    Kaye Awatin
    Fashion Blogger

  2. i am loving the bracelet and necklaces lovely its like wearing art! you have a very nice blog!


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