It's halloween and I've already got my door bell rung 3 times (by the 1 group of kids) from the time it took me to reach and grab the lollies to opening the door. Their costumes were average and they didn't even say "trick or treat" C'mon kids! The kids made me laugh rather than run for my life and I'm a pretty easy person to scare. But what really makes me scream, shout and jump up and down is when I get exciting news like being asked to style a series of photoshoots for HYPE DC's in-house brand Shubar. I may have been on the train when I read the first email and it may have been 10pm but it didn't stop me from jumping a little  in my seat and showing off my pearly whites

Let me introduce you to my latest shoe obsession in my ever-growing shoe wall - Pai by Shubar shoes. She's sky-high with platform height perfection, comfortable and an amazing fit for my usually hard-to-fit wide feet. Comfort factor I'd rate a 110%, all because when you've got horribly blistered feet your first shoe of choice isn't usually a heel, but I'm ruthless, I did it. Heels it was. I was a good 10cm's taller, and my feet survived! Kudos, Shubar. Kudos!

Wearing Sportsgirl beaded bolero and my favourite necklace, vintage shirt, Zara chinos, Shubar heels in rust and Lovisa cuffs. 

Can't wait to start shooting. I'll keep you posted on Twitter, Facebook and here of course! Watch this space! 

Happy Halloween xo


  1. i really adore your mustard pants!!!
    <3 shoes

  2. I wanted these pants but they werent in my size :(

    you are adorable as always bas


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