The treasure chest that is Molten Store

What do you prefer?  Jewellery that boasts its designer label - say Kanye's simple 'Yeezy' necklace OR designer jewellery that displays a modern beauty and emphasis on design? hmmm I prefer the latter, and that's Molten store for you. So when I received these beautiful pictures featuring some of their more pricey pieces, I thought they were worth sharing with you because they're just. so. damn. amazing. Agreed? Agreed!

And if your looking for equally amazing pieces at a more reasonable price range they also stock brands like Low Luv by Erin Wasson, House of Harlow 1960 and Estelle Deve

I would (normally) be buying things in a heartbeat from Molten Store but, my Dad is now consistently checking on how my spending is going. And I'm a terrible liar - ask anyone who has played me in 'Bullsh*t' For now, I will add things only to my wishlist. Christmas is a comin'! So shop your little hearts out at Molten Store - do it, do it, show me what you got, so I can shop vicariously through you :)

xxo Baz

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