I got swirls on the side of my face, and they ain't no side burns

 I may have just squealed and ran back to work with a slight kick in my step when I left The Strand with a little Chanel bag filled with a little Prada treasure. These Prada baroque sunglasses are summer-time perfection and I've never wanted the sun to shine as my as now - so I can never take them off my face. Ever. But with this storm hanging around the only appearance they've made is here. 

Wearing Sportsgirl scarf, t-shirt and socks, Zimmermann shorts, 3.1 Phillip Lim boots and Prada sunglasses. 
Fingers crossed for sunshine. I'd like to get my money's worth. 

Happy tuesday! xo Baz


  1. suits you b! stunner shades!

  2. waw you look wonderful i love the orange socks touch and this awesome shorts!


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