MHQ November Lookbook

Aye que fabulosa! MarketHQ you've got me wanting - wait, where do I start? The sequined singlet, that slitted maxi skirt, those printed pants, the 'TAXI' tee, the little lace bra, and aye Papi!, those neon coloured shoes. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. Thanks MarketHQ for stocking such great product. I'll now be broke for the summer. Thanks, thanks again. But seriously, how dreamy is this lookbook? Has it got you as mesmerised and wanting to splash the cash like me? You can shop til your hearts content here, although I can't guarantee you'll be content, they just keep upping the ante, and continue to get more and more and more goodies in. It's kray kray! 

P.s I know it's tempting to flick through every category but the sun is shining so make sure you get a good minute out in the sun.

Happy Sunday! xxo B


  1. Oh man, I totally want everything! I've always loved MarketHQ but have always restrained from draining my bank account.. but after seeing this I'm not sure how much longer I can hold off. Heellloooo life on the street!! At least I'll have amazing clothes :)


  2. Haha having amazing clothes - that IS the main thing! :)


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