Pretty please, with a cherry on top?

Wearing Glassons blazer, Blak basics by Theresa Hodges, Vintage shorts, Zara belt, Sportsgirl cherry headband and bag, Funkis x Zanita Clogs, YSL ring and my sister's tribal necklace. 

Feeling a little bit Anna Dello Russo today with my cherry headband. It's only fitting that I wear this headband today because the Melbourne cup was today just a few short days ago. I may have gotten many looks and a few double-takes but my-oh-my this cherry headband has made me, cherrie-ripe. (Yes I realise the things you can think with that phrase, but get yo' mind out the gutter fool). 

One day I will rock this look as effortlessly as this 49-year-old. She's classic. 

So pretty please with a cherry on top, will you wear some cherries too? Or maybe a watermelon? 

xxo little B.


  1. This is too cute :) And those blue cherries below are divine! Where is it from?


  2. Loving the spots and stripes!! And of course the headpiece.



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