ZIPPORRA SS launch party

Zipporra may not have shown at this yr's RAFW but they did one hell of a showing last friday at Skittle Lane. 

Everyone meet Chris. The man behind ASOF: A Series of Fortunate events. He organised, brainstormed and put together the event for Zipporra and what an amazing job he did! I may have been frazzled coming straight from work to help out and style the models, but he was one cool, calm and well collection guy through it all! I was impressed.  

Donning metallic and being the munchkins that we are.
 With the ironlak fumes that quickly replaced oxygen, skittle lane was transformed into a colourful event filled with a bunch of creatives and an overall happy atmosphere. And I'm positive it wasn't just due to the overwhelming-almost-suffocating smell of spray paint, the 5 pieces of the collection that were showcased were amazing. Although this may have been the 100th time I've seen it, that 'wow' factory never seems to dull down. The collection is infectious I tell you!

P.s I loved Liana's outfit. That skirt. Fly me to the moon coz I swear that's where she got it from!

Hair styled by Kevin McKenzie hair
Clothes styled by Liana and Myself
Shoes: Betts
Event organised by ASOF
Designer: Karen Fulton


  1. awesome photos- what a party! i secretly love the smell of Ironlak.

    Madeleine :)

  2. such a great night xxx

  3. the dresses on the first two photos are so so so stunning!!! I want them :)


  4. ahhhhh I want one of those colourful dresses !

  5. looks like a super fab night! love rochelle she's such a babe!! X


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