Baby, it's cold outside

 ...and apparently it's Summer. Not really sure what happened between the week when it was sweltering hot and I was sticking to the train, to now when it's partly sunny, cloudy, rainy and cold all in one day. It's crazy talk.
Wearing French connection hat, Dion Lee x Cue jacket, Silk top my Dad got me from NZ, Zara pants, vintage belt, Shubar shoes and Prada sunglasses.
 Wearing this outfit a few days ago, running around town to get returns done was probably not the best idea (not when there's 60km winds). I may have looked like a try-hard Mary Poppins chasing the wind, but I was not prepared to loose my hat I've only had for a week. I guess i'll just leave you with these photos of the flowers from my front yard and a close up of the little leopard's in my life - they're the only things that didn't try fly off me that day.


  1. Love this outfit - especially love that you are wearing yellow in winter! great to see colour x

  2. I am in love with your blog, particularly with the photos. Amazing!!
    Follow each other? :))


  3. weather can be really crazy sometimes. ;) but regardless of the weather, i love your outfit! your shoes are so cute and the color of your pants is absolutely gorgeous! yellow is my favorite color, and i reeeeeaaallly want pants like yours. ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  4. Let me tell you about cold! I'm in London, there is ice on my windows! Love the yellow trousers - awesome! Lovely blog btw xxx

  5. hiiii sexy!!! love those slippers!! xx


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