Flicking through many magazines, blog posts and tumblr's over the past year I've grown a slight obsession with visors and sportswear. So for this shoot I was inspired by exactly that. Although Shubar shoes isn't exactly 'sportswear' I decided to incorporate more tom-boy styling - this was the original plan and was still somewhat executed given the dramatic change of circumstances on the day. Silly me forgot a garment bag at home. And we weren't in the easiest location for me to just drive back home, so like a chameleon I adapted to the situation and worked with what I had although I still wanted to kick myself for leaving such an necessary thing behind - never again! 

Over the past year I've had some great opportunities to work creatively and expand my styling portfolio. Hopefully 2012 will continue this and bring me even greater opportunities. 

Be fearless and seize the day.
2011 is almost over!

xxo B

Styling and creative direction: Me | Photography and edits: Christine Ai of Cai photography | Videographer: Alexander Leeway | Model: Shannon Lawson, Platform model management | Makeup: Belle Pagano of Bella makeup | Styling assistant: Selin Abali | Photography assistant: Edwin Lie | Designers: Aung, Zipporra and Illariy Jewellery 


  1. I love it. The styling is great, very relaxed and somewhat futuristic (loving the visors). And the shoes look amazing. I just checked out the Shubar website and found a pair that I really want.

  2. I love the whole sporty feel with the socks and visors, this is one of the best shoots I've seen in a while.
    P.S Loving your blog, and Happy New Year!!



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