The Australia Hybrid

While deleting a bunch of boring subscription emails last night, one that caught my eye was titled "Free flight to NYC" from StyleMeRomy.com. Within an instant I clicked to check it out, only to realise it wasn't what I thought it was, it was actually something a lot better - the finalists of the Australian's in New York fashion foundation. This is where my eyes discovered true love in the form of Natalia Grzybowski's designs. My oh my oh my do we have some talent here! She gets me excited. The modern design of the structured yet soft silhouettes, crisp white colouring and that all important print-on-print which we all know I love. 

'Hybrid' is a conceptual collection that combines elements of nature and technology in order to re-define our current visual interpretation of the female cyber-organism. Through the combination of natural, synthetic and technological elements the female body takes on a hybrid form: part human, part botanic. Opposing elements are united: simple, minimal silhouettes are combined with extreme and chaotic textile designs; historic botanicals are re-designed and technologically enhanced, and unconventional synthetic textiles are contrasted against natural. Each textile design has strategically designed and engineered for the body to eliminate textile wastage whilst creating a stunning visual effect. Each piece is an art form within itself, complementing, without overtly sexualising the female form, using shapes that are simultaneously structured yet soft, mimicking the form of a flower. 

Images and collection blurb via Natalia Grzybowski
Australian fashion continues to give birth to some breathtaking collections, go Australia! 
Happy Australia Day everyone. Hope you've all enjoyed yourself some good pavlova!



  1. Oh my, this collection by Hybrid is divine. I am craving that last white blazer! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Um, wow. These are incredible.
    I'm the hugest fan of the all-white look, so i think they're so beautiful.
    I'm in awe of the shapes and detail involved. x.

  3. oh she was at Dunedin ID fashion week, amazing garments..


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