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Solange Knowles.

What a babe.

She is banging and she's the mother of this adorable boy whom I know will probably grow up with natural swag along side his new cousin, Blue Ivy. 

With all this news about the newest hollywood baby, little miss Blue Ivy Carter who would of thought I'd be blogging about Beyonce Solange Knowles. After reading this months issue of Oyster, I was reaquainted with the african-american beauty. And as you do, I followed her on twitter and checked out her blog titled My Damn Blog. Warning: you will be addicted. Like most tumblr's her's has that compulsive-clicking effect. It's got the qualities of a great tumblr: interesting photos, simple captions, and the inside into her fantastical life (nothing overly reblogged and blogged again - although what the hell am I doing? haha) I'm pretty jealous she can pull off those Prada sunglasses and her personal style is impressive. Just check her out for yourself, fall in love, get obsessed here.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I love her style. I hope to see more of her in 2012 ;)

  2. Solange is just as beautiful and lovely in person. I had dinner with her one night when she was recording and performing with a friends band in Melbourne one Summer. She is so sweet, stylish and stunning, love her. x


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