MINKPINK goes global!

Last week it was such a pleasure to join Minkpink along with a stylish bunch of Sydney-based bloggers to celebrate MINKPINK's global expansion. The tea party was filled with all the classics: cupcakes, timtams, lamingtons, scones and perfectly made fairy bread. It was great to meet the lovely Minkpink team who's excitement soon spread when they revealed the campaign video which you can watch here. Overall, I can't wait for the new season! They really have some great pieces that can easily elevate an outfit i.e the blue faux fur - yum yum yum. Whether you wear Minkpink top-to-toe or mix it in with a few other staples, I guarantee you will be b-a-n-g-i-n' ! And now wherever you live, you too can have a little Minkpink in your life. Now who wouldn't want that? Here's a few images to get you all smitten with Minkpink.

P.s since my sister's arrival today back into Australian waters, she's made me realise I do have a lot (and a lot) of clothes, but I'm sure I could make a little room for some Minkpink. Its. Just. so. good. Although I may just have to save it for my NY adventure, after all they are global now! 

xxo B

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