Red leather, yellow leather

...Red leather, yellow leather. Tricky isn't it? Neither colour actually. I was so over the moon when Karen who is the owner and designer for Zipporra took me to the NSW leather shop a few months ago to make me a leather bodice as a 'thank you' for styling her SS 11/12 campaign. From all the colours under the sun to choose from, I fell in love with this beautiful tangerine-orange leather. It's perfectly made and although I can't get in or out of the bodice without assistance (thanks bro) it honestly fits me like a glove! 

Wearing: Zipporra leather bodice, Vintage pants from Sportsgirl, Sportsgirl necklace and silver cuff, vintage opal bracelet,
Prada sunglasses, my little sister's Michael Kors watch and Zanita x Funkis clogs
You can get yourself a bodice here (they're ALL made to order, so they'll fit like a glove on you too!) or check out Zipporra's recently launched ASOS marketplace store here 


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