... the technicolour dream coat

I've been waiting for this poncho to come in for a few weeks now. So as soon as I saw this sitting on the rail in last week's new delivery my initial thought was, well done sportsgirl! It's colour-blocked craziness is done in just the right proportion and it's one-size-fits-all approach (which I usually have a huge problem with) drapes wonderfully on my 5ft-smurf-stature - no pinning, double sticky taping or hemming required - take note fellow smurfs this is a keeper!
Bouncing around the floor at work I felt like Joseph in this amazing technicolour dream coat poncho, being the envy of customers and staff asking me where I got this beautiful piece. If I had a dollar for every customer who asked me if it was vintage, I'd have $3. But if I had a dollar for every time a staff member would ask me where I got it not even realising it was from our store, I'd have $5. #rich That's a total of $8. #hustling. 

Wearing Sportsgirl poncho and singlet, Supre pants, Clogs from China town, Zara belt and colette neck piece. 
P.s It's not the ground that I'm starring at it's those pieces of evil on my feet. They're the reason I've been walking with a slight limp in my step after work on friday and making me feel less Joseph more Snoop-doggy dawwg. I'm hanging up my clogs for now, and giving high heels a rest. According to the doctor I should buy shoes from Peter Sheppard shoes (waaah) and refrain from anything higher than 5cm. (double waaah) I'm going to be a smurf forever. 

xxo little B


  1. I was surprised at the fact that it was a poncho. Looked more like a sort of kimono-type... thing. It looks great, and I love that you've put a belt on it. There's nothing worse than wearing a poncho and looking like a Mexican (sorry, that's the first thought that comes to mind). And I'm pretty surprised that it was from Sportsgirl, so you've got another imaginary dollar.

  2. lovee this poncho! I work at Sportsgirl too and was so excited when it arrived!

    alice xx


  3. They certainly are season staples :)
    I'm working at Eastgardens (I've been in Sydney this summer interning)- And back at home in melbourne i'm at Chadstone! You must be at Pitt Street? Alice xxx


  4. I love your poncho!

  5. I have seen a similar poncho to this at sportsgirl. It is a beigy/cream sort of colour with black stripes. I was wondering if the cut is the same and the possible ways you could wear it. I love it but I tried it on and just don't know how to wear it or what with!

    Sarah xx


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