Embellished armour and battle wounds.

With the crazy embellishment on this jacket it was the perfect way to add some va-va-voom to finish off this rather simple outfit. As a signature feature of any statement Sass and Bide piece, this OTT embellishment with colourful embroidery and red and gold beading was, believe it or not, one of the least OTT jackets they had in store. I was careful to purchase something that was timeless and this surely is. I mean, it is just a black jacket with a few minor major details. I've only had it for a while now, but I envision it standing the test of time and accompanying me on many special events, job interviews and even possibly this years Fashion Week - that's if I can score myself some accreditation. Let's hope for the best hey? 

I think the best part about having special pieces like this in your wardrobe is that they'll never fail to make you feel like a rockstar - especially with the amount of double-takes you get when you stroll past! Although that does have it's downfall - Note to self: NEVER wear shoes you that you may stack it in if wearing this jacket; flying under the radar is quite impossible. 

Wearing Sass and Bide jacket, Zara skirt, top borrowed from my Sister, Calvin Klein bralette and Sportsgirl boots and hat. 
 Knee bandage courtesy of 2 panadine forte's, a steep hill, a long board and courageous, stupid me.

Note to self no.2: Never wake up after having 2 panadine forte's and decide to longboard down a steep hill just because you thought the weather was too good to waste. This may lead to flying off your board, scraping your skin and ripping your clothing - never a good look.

xxo your little soldier, B.


  1. The S&B jacket is hotness! And I love the hat. So great for winter! :)


  2. you look gorgeous ! I have the boots & hat too :)


  3. So much love for that jacket! Looks absolutely killer on you.


  4. i love everything about this post you are amazing bazz and that jacket just speaks for itself xxx

  5. Such a lovely outfit, that first pic if fab xx following!



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