ooomm bop - Shopbop!

On the rare occasions that I shop online my first online-store preference is Shopbop because whats not to love about free international shipping on orders over $100? Plus you get your goodies guaranteed within 3 days - now that is impressive huh! What I love most about Shopbop is that there is always consistent editorial-like photos on their home page, this one is called - Workwear for the Launch of their new Workwear Boutique. 
By now you should know I'm no master of minimalism but I do love my workwear looks. I think it's great Shopbop goes that extra mile to inspire every shopbop-er with the styling of these editorials and the links to shop those particular looks or pieces. Shopbop have basically done the work for you! They show you how to achieve a look and what pieces to achieve that look with, in their edited selection of pieces in their various boutiques i.e Workwear boutique. Now isn't that nifty? 

Melissa Gellman Weiss, of Shopbop puts it nicely

“...The Workwear Boutique offers our unique perspective on how to dress for work. 
It is a curated selection of the pieces that are appropriate for the office, without compromising individual style.”

Check it out for yourself if you haven't already, and go shopbopping here
xxo B


  1. I love shopbop!! But it's mostly just putting things in my cart and then sighing because I have no money :P

    x x Stace

  2. btw, how did you get into styling for sportsgirl? it sounds like a really cool job :)


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