Spots, stripes and glitter.

Striped toes worn with Zanita x Funkis clogs and Sass and Bide pants.

You may get them foiled, painted, shellac'd, gelled, glued, or worn with a clear gloss coating, nails have their own way of showing their spots and stripes (and have for centuries now - check out The History of Nail Art) or rather we now can extend our style from head to toe nails and finger tips. 
Above are the stripes I decided to sport when I got my mani-pedi last week. With burgundy sparkly shellac'd nails on my fingertips, I opted for some burgundy toes with white stripes through it. I'm glad they actually look good because the usual nail design board the ladies give you mostly look - el-tacky-ti-no aka tacky. Not sure what I'll get next, but these runway mani's are a sure start for nail art inspiration. Nails never looked so good! 

Images via Refinery29
If your looking to get creative and nail savvy, Refinery29 have some really great DIY nail art slide shows and videos, I've done the marbling one and although the sticky tape, water and nail polish-dropping can be a little bit fiddly if you've got a spare 40minutes or so, do it! 

xxo B

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  1. i'm so smitten by these shoes, especially teamed with the bright red pants.
    where did you end up getting your funkis clogs from? i've been searching for a grey/beige pair. i'm not even sure if they actually come in that colour haha. x.


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