Birthday suit.

Alert the nursing home. I'm 20! ...Shit. No longer a teenage stylist. Finally got myself some street-cred! To farewell my teenage years I decided to celebrate in these sequinned Sass and Bide party pants - although, the boy-in-the-striped-pyjamas reference stuck pretty much all night. Strutting down the harbour with the wind in my hair I realised how 70's my outfit looked. The plunging V neckline, slightly flared pants, platforms and waved hair - disco ready! It should have hit me the first time after the lady at the alteration place aka my BFF asked if these were my dancing pants. ...They aren't. I can imagine them with a crisp white tee and metallic sneakers - or if I'm lucky/rolling in money those Isabel Marant ones in black and white would be perfection mmmmm. Alternatively, I can't wait for the weather to drop a little and toughen the look up with a cropped leather jacket, the pastel yellow Acne one would be divine, or any kind of Acne leather really. Again, I leave this blog post dreaming about beautiful pieces I simply can not afford - why do I always do this to myself? Ahh signing out. I have 6 bags of mens clothes I need to style for the Hype DC/Shubar shoes shoot I've got on friday. Over and out.

Birthday suit includes: Staple dress worn as a top, Sass and Bide 'The Righteous one' pant, Sportsgirl wallet/bag, Beau Coop wedges, YSL ring and Illariy cuff.


  1. Belated happy birthday my dear! The fun is only just beginning :)

    And I would definitely love to see you style this with a lovely cropped leather jacket!



  2. ryannejohnson.comMarch 27, 2012 at 4:42 AM

    wow. truly amazing pants. i discovered sass and bide by reading your blog and I want every piece they make.

  3. Happy birthday! This is definitely not the birthday suit I thought you were talking about, and thank god for that. Very 70s, but in a good way. I had no idea your top was actually a dress, may have to start calling you the multiple-ways-to-wear-one-item queen, or something along the lines of that. x

  4. Love that dress/top.. Just completely in love with the print. It's such a great piece!



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