Down the rabbit hole

Since I last posted and let you in about the wall I've hit recently - just to clarify, I know I'm clumsy and may have fallen down a few stairs last week, and recently injured a few body parts long boarding, but this hitting a wall business it isn't literal - ...my other outlet to save me from completely going down the rabbit hole is my personal style. Although, the average person who watches me waiting at my train station every morning may think I have completely lost it. I haven't. This vintage gold metallic vest that was once a blazer lost it's arms in a war battle  when it decided to look ridiculously oversized on me, so off went the sleeves. Worn to accompany these beautifully patterned Alice McCall pants and rawly cropped Bettina Liano long-sleeve. It was the perfect pick-me-up outfit - maybe not for the men, but for me anyway. Who dresses for men these days? Maybe I'm reading way too much Man Repeller.

DIY lace rabbit ears, the result of my friend having the BEST Alice in Wonderland meets Willy Wonka themed party. I was the white rabbit. 

Peace out from me. Hope your all having a great day down the rabbit hole or not. 

xx B

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