I have hit a wall in my routine full time working grove and the only thing I wanted to do to cure this monotonous feeling was to get creative and style. For a while now I've been toying with the idea of a shoot inspired by the iconic Brigitte Bardot. She embodies a strong sense of femininity and always holds a certain curiosity in her eyes. With winter coming I thought I'd get a team together, test out my styling skills and see where our imagination would take us. 

Off we went creating our interpretation of a Brigitte Bardot holiday, although Hyde park is no St Tropez
With the weather more than perfect, clothing pretty damn divine and a team of crazy creatives, there was nothing holding us back from getting a good shot in the short 2hrs we had to shoot it. Although, that feeling of uncertainty still lingered around for a few days until a new email popped up in my mail titled "Final Editorial" This was the moment and I'm so pleased with it! 

This has to be my favourite part about having a blog. It's my own safe space where I can post up things I have created along with my crazy style and ranting words - kind of like being in preschool. 

I can't thank everyone who took a part in this shoot enough, Nusardel, Rochelle, Kevin, Belle, Liana and even the ice cream man who agreed to stop for a while so we could get our shot. Thanks for lending your time and talents - they've well and truly paid off! To Mossman clothing, Hype DC, Wayne Cooper, Bettina Liano and Zipporra, thanks for having such great pieces for me to work with!

Until my next creative collaboration xx B


  1. Alice McGenniss-DestroMarch 5, 2012 at 8:18 PM

    stunning this is magazine worthy !


  2. you continue to be amazing!!! what a great team - awesome work!

  3. great to work with you guy's lets do it again,,,,,lov kevin


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