Lip candy.

Rouge pur couture #13, #9 and #16

As of late I've become a YSL lipstick addict or possibly just a lipstick addict in general. If you think about it though lipsticks are a great accessory. The perfect solution to injecting a bit or a lot of colour to finish of your outfit. If you follow me on instagram (@bazaarb) you may have caught on to my addiction from my birthday YSL Rouge pur couture treat, to my courageous Illamasqua purple lips. Truth be told my compulsive lipstick buying habits began long before the time of capturing your every purchase or tweeting your latest crave. I say, never underestimate the power of a good lip colour. It holds the key to outfit elevation, from average to chic - try it! It is amazing what the right shade can do. Recently it's powers have extended beyond one's exterior and into one's mind, acting as a great study incentive to my little sister as she prepares herself for her yr 12 exams. A cheeky Volupte Sheer Candy in #10 did the trick. 

My lipstick collection is still young, so I'd love some lipstick recommendations if you have any. What are your favourite colours?
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