Day 1. The stylish streets of Sydney

romance was born were the lucky ones to kick off Australian Fashion Week, and although i wasn't there to witness the comic-book extravaganza for myself, the fashion crowd were buzzing at how well both the clothes and the show was excecuted. The show was not only in the tents away from the public, but also out on the street with the overseas passenger terminal flocked with some seriously stylish ladies and gents. While waiting in lines for shows to begin well and truly pasted their scheduled time, I opened my lens and took to what inspired and impressed me. Now that I have figured out how to upload pics and blog from my iPad (silly me, I know) I will have to show you everything and everyone I have met and the creativity I have absorbed while working, watching and being a part of MBFWA. I'm looking forward to the days ahead! Keep up with my tweets and instagramamia xx


  1. r these your pics baz? amaaaaze! v. jack & jill x

  2. Basilia DulawanMay 1, 2012 at 6:07 PM

    Yes! I did them :)

  3. Bas like I said to you this morning, the pictures are amazinggg :)
    That Chanel collar is all kinds of amazing.

    Mel x


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