Fashion week favourites. Stop, drop and roll.

Eeeek! With time so quickly moving all I want to do is make it stop (for just a smidgen of a second) and let it really sink in that Fashion week - it happened. Right now it feels like a far away dream but I have these pictures that forever capture my highlights of Fashion Week. As you'll see I tend to lean toward the off the runway moments. 

With the most famous street style photographers out and about strapped to their cameras, ready to pounce at their next prey, it was thrilling to see them in action. Stop. Lookrun and snap! It was interesting to watch them choose their targets wisely and how they interacted with the girls who would walk back and forth on the pedestrian for their perfect shot (See picture no.6). Nam from Streetfsn (pictured above) was one of my favourites, he carried a contagious energy around him. 

With our line up of shows, and me being the street style hawk that I was - not wanting to miss a moment, there was really no time to factor in bodily fuel, food. But with the few chances we got, they were epic almost monumental moments. Without a doubt Ms G's in Kings Cross on the first night was a fashion week highlight. I've never eaten such tiny portions of food that taste that good and fill you up. Fashion week survival must!! 

Fashion week survival item no 2: iPad. This bad boy kept us in line - literally, without it I may have gone home solely because waiting in a line for 40mins for a 15minute show is borderline ridiculous. Never fear, I had my email, twitter, instagram and a whole lot of bejewelled that kept me entertained. 

While not in shows or waiting in lines my lens was constantly opened and ready to snap. I thought I'd turn the lens on the street style photographers for a little role reversal and they were all good sports. Tommy ton's casual semi-sports luxe look was one of my favourites. 

The Swede. I'm not usually one to jump on the celebrity bandwagon but how could you resist with the gorgeous, stylish and effortlessly cool Elin Kling? It was one of those 'I had to' moments. 

Please note: Street style photographers love, repeat LOVE a good pedestrian shot. It was deja vu seeing Natalie Joos - a street style regular on Tommy Ton's blog JakandJil - walking cautiously across as the fashion pap snapped away every morning with a different but equally impressive outfit. I will admit, for a week I became part of that fashion pap freelancing for WGSN and it was addictive. I lived by Drake's motto Y.O.L.O - you only live once - and built up the courage to ask stylish guys and gals for their photo. Asking Taylor Tomasi was a highlight. Getting Mr Newtown in their too was just the cherry on top of the cake. Feel like a Mastercard ad #priceless.

Mr Newtown and Taylor Tomasi Hill

The absolute highlight of Karen's week was getting the thumbs up by Ruby Rose who loved the Zipporra Jacket that Rochelle was wearing that night. A victory dance in our hotel room later that night was in order. Shit. got. cray. (read: crazy ...see my instagram for evidence @bazaarb)

In a sea of people you don't know, or "know" by Job title, blog name or twitter handle, hanging out with the Zipporra Z-team (yep not an A-team a Z team) Karen, Rochelle, Josh and myself as well as my friend with the fro aka Monica Morales was the best and most comforting thing. A fashion crowd can be daunting - let's be honest.

Downside of having your friends around, they feel they can do whatever, whenever. The elevator is not the place.  

On the flip side, approaching people to ask for their picture and soon discovering its someone you've tweeted or emailed before was a weird/hilarious experience. This photo is of Jesse Cameron's amazing accessories collection from her online store Molten Store. After introducing ourselves we did the "omg, I know who you are!" I think a lot of fashion week was like that. It was so great to finally meet these virtual people in the flesh which made them even more amazing than their website or blog could ever portray them.  

On the runway I was glad to have attended The Innovators show filled with talented TAFE graduates. This is one of the looks from Kaylene Milner's collection, keep an eye on her she scored the internship at DVF in New York and by her creativity displayed in her first collection (she fused leather, animal skin and moderns prints in the one collection) only greater things can come of this. 

Again, off the runway and outside the tent was where it's at! Flaming red locks that rivalled The Little Mermaid with matching Prada flamed heels could only be one person - Taylor Tomasi Hill. Spotted just after the Oroton show wheeling racks and asking for assistance - it did cross my mind to drop my camera and help a sister out but Susie was calling. Off I went to the Susie Bubble talk presented by Portable at the Dendy. 

Kicking up my feet and having a much deserved break listening to Susie speak was an inspiring experience. She is incredible and fearless. 

Finally, seeing Amy Meredith rock the runway at the Nana Judy show was so refreshing, the energy and theatrics made the last show of Fashion week really come alive. After becoming immune to Lana Del Ray due to the fact that her songs dominated the runway I was cheering that Amy Meredith was playing!! Cheering!

That was Fashion week in a nut-shell. Although I still left out some bits and bops like interviewing Australian born and bred creative multi-tasker (she's a stylist, creative director, fashion consultant, trend forecaster and much much more) Sophia Banks Coloma. I'll have to save that for next time. 

until my next adventure. xo B


  1. I appreciate how you incorporated YOLO into your fashion week experience. Nicely done.
    Love these pictures, especially the shot of TTH wheeling a rack of clothes in Prade heels(?).

  2. Photographia by MetaxiaMay 16, 2012 at 10:45 PM

    sending some love my friend from cannsberrra lol ---luv your work!!!!

  3. Your vest is amazing! May I ask who it's by?


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