Golden hour

There is nothing blue skies, and good company can't fix - except maybe weirdly grainy creme caramel gelato. You'd think you could never go wrong with such a simple food but oh yes, yes, you can. My heavenly gelato was not so, its like when you accidentally drop food in the sand but don't dare to eat it although this time I didn't drop it in sand. It came like that and I ate it... I. was. interesting (to say the least). After my gelato mishap we snapped these pictures during "GOLDEN HOUR" aka the magical time just before the sun starts to set - a photographer's dream. 

Trying not to look like a fool in front of the camera was highly impossible - so let's just except the fact that  "pretty" is not going to happen haha. Please note to all my friends out there who have asked "What do you do now Baz? Do you model or something? Why do I see so many photos of you?" umm.. no. no. no. Are you high? No!! The whole 5ft of me would only make half a model, I am just one girl trying to capture her outfits - is that too much to ask? 

Accompanying me to Mossman was my deceivingly dressy sequinned spot shirt, my little sister's vintage Calvin Klein boyfriend jeans, Topshop heels and my feline Prada sunglasses. P.s how great are these Topshop heels? You've probably seen them worn by every blogger in town or pinned and repinned on the newest of social media addictions - pinterest - but these pretty little things adds a serious dose of cool to its simple design with its metallic heel. They maybe a tad big and band-aid worthy but now that they're broken in (thanks for stomping around in them during fashion week) they're perfect. 

xo B


  1. such a cool outfit, the shirt is gorgeous have the biggest soft spot for spots..


  2. Baz!!!!!!!!!! This is my favourite outfit post by far!!! Lookin' good ;)

  3. Its great to know these type of boyfriend jeans look great on us short girls too!

    Those heels are amazing, too bad its much too cold in Melb now to warrant purchasing a pair of my own :(


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