Hey you, in the window

River Island jacket | Vintage lurex shirt | Zara pants | Converse from Hype Dc | Prada shades

With the craziness that is Fashion week done and dusted, I needed a boost that would inspire me to keep the ball rolling and finish my freelance work for WGSN - street style trend reporting is more work than you'd think, lots of clicking, staring, renaming, thinking and thinking some more - hard work for this tired little smurf. Wow...yes, I just wrote about myself in third person and as a smurf... #consequencesoffashionweek 

Off I hopped with camera in hand, sister in tow and one mission: Shubar shoes Bondi. To Bondi we went, picking up a new pair of cons on the way, eating delicious pasta and scones (not the best combo, but you only live once) and waiting for old ladies to catch the bus so I could get my shot. On a side note I do agree that standing in front of a store window with someone taking a photo of you is borderline tourist but I'll have you know it isn't some sort of weird hobby my sister and I do for fun, it just needed to be done. I present to you the h u g e fruit of my labour - literally - my very first campaign, my very first window, just chilling there for everyone to see. You may remember I posted this video about the shoot a few months ago. If you haven't seen Alexander Leeways superb filmography skills check it out. 

Its crazy that only a year ago I decided to defer uni to pursue this wild idea of fashion, styling and creativity. I never ever thought that I would actually being doing this, it was more a dream I thought I'd give a go. In the recent Mercedes Benz Fashion Week alone, I've met some wickedly inspiring creatives that keep me courageous, daring me to chase every opportunity and believe in myself. The journey is still long, but I've got a lot of projects to keep me busy which I will no doubt share with you all. 

Off to chase the Fairies xo your little lady, B.

Photography by Grace


  1. Congratulations! It's been amazing to see you grow and get to such a point. Can I also just say that I'm loving the waxed pants/cons combo. Would this be a bad time to say hashtag totes amaze? Because this really IS 'totes amaze'. x

  2. Baz, so great to see you on Saturday and catching up!! Kudos to you on all your efforts, you are living proof of people who work hard to make their dreams come true - you are truly inspiring!

  3. hi dear! Just found your lovely blog:) what do you say about following each other?



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