Be a little crazy

There is not much one can expect when wearing cinched in high-waisted, baggy 'obese' green and white printed pants except when paired with a harmful amount of spikes, a dash of sparkle and some heels. What you get? (other than a mob of eyes following your every move) ...an overall cool factor that makes you think you're back in Fashion Week being shot by Tommy Ton or someone incredible like that. But snap back to reality! This ain't no fashion week, this is Sunday at the beach and I can't say I didn't love the hilarious 'What the' looks from the parents playing with their kids, or groups of women walking past. Ok, so I'm a little overdressed for the typical tracksuit pants and t-shirt combo required for a Sunday stroll and I get it - sports-chic is in - but these pants were too good to pass up! It was awkward at first - even I'll admit it, but you just need to own your looks, be brave and stand tall - or as tall as you'll ever be with filipino heritage and the highest heels your feet can handle. I think this makes me a whole 155cm? ...160? no way that's definitely pushing it. 

Vintage beaded silk jacket, Zara T-shirt, Vintage pants courtesy of Monica Morales' ever expanding wardrobe, Topshop heels and Prada sunglasses. 
It was my perfect Sunday brunch outfit to relax in with my friend Monica on our day off. Sydney brought out its best, baring nothing but blue skies and warm rays.  

All that hard work for that Lady Gaga costume didn't go to waste, this belt is so 'everyday' right? ..right? ...Looking for affirmation here! Could I get away with this at say... Church? in my Sunday best? Or would that be definitely pushing the boundaries a little too much? Let me know what you think. 

Photos by Monica Morales


  1. Love the pants!! I've wanted a beaded jacket like that for ages, but it always makes me think I need to dress a la 1920s flapper girls! Not that I have any problem with that :p I love that you style it in a modern way, and congrats on the BB winter campaign images, they look amazing!

  2. That's normal and you can just try the Ladies black leather Platform Shoes with the nice Black Wedge Open Toe Shoes sales at cwmalls.com and that's can be the totally crazy!


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