I feel your Ora.

Peek - a - boo. I've seen you? Yes this girl Rita Ora has been circulating the magazines, and style sites for some time now. She's been pinned as The One to Watch and rightly so. With hits that make you want to ...party and bullish*t and style that has Air Jordan's prescribed, this starlet has girls flocking to they're boyfriends (or in my case brother's) wardrobes stealing their beanies and bomber jackets. 

Besides her 'what nationality am I' mystique and being Rihanna's  doppelganger , this British-born Albanian beauty has talent! Rocking my world as well as Rob Kardashian ASOS's too - being the most recent Cover girl for their September issue. 

 I think I've discovered her style and it comes down to this, so listen up.
Rita Ora formula: Feminine silhouettes paired back with masculine shoes (give Jordan's or ghetto Timberlands a try), statement jackets and ravishing red lips. 

Here she poses as everyone's favourite hipster, rocking the camo trend like no other hipster has ever done before. She makes me want a camo print jacket, beanie, scarf, socks, shoes, pants, leggings and even possibly peroxide blonde hair - the power of The Ora (jokes on the last one... I'd be Asian orange if I tried). But no worries, give that Camo trend a try with Topshop carrying some great pieces, Carhartt, Ksubi and Asos here, here or here

R.I.P to the girl you used to see, her days are over. I want to be Rita Ora. 

View the complete Rita Ora feature here and shop her outfits. Gosh ASOS makes it easy!

P.s Kudos to those who got my Rita Ora references ;) 

All images via Asos.com

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