Stolen and swept away by Molten Relic

With the thousands of online stores at the ready simply by the touch of your fingers it is no wonder so many people are in-debt sporting such "Where-did-you-get-that" pieces. Molten Store is that store with a dreamlike feel as you move from page to page, endlessly opening tabs to every piece you wish you could have in a heart beat. More recently Molten Relic - the in-house jewellery label of Molten Store - has rocketed into it's own league of cool; inspired by edgy embellishments and their muse Olivia who stars in their most recent campaign titled Wind Swept

Shot alongside the mystical ocean it provides the perfect backdrop for this enticing range. With the wind fluttering through her hair ever so gently, it breathes life into the Molten Relic Muse, Olivia. It is beautiful to see and I couldn't just keep these images to myself - that would be selfish.  

Photography, Libby Willis | Styling, Sarah Birchely | Art Direction, Jessy Cameron

Now back to those tabs I was telling you about, these are just a few of my ever-growing Molten Store pieces. From L to R: Molten Relic Life-like Merchandise bracelet $59.00, Molten Relic The Lost Boys necklace $59.00,  Molten Relic Dial Tone Cuff $59.00, Knots & Knits Moon Glow clutch $199.00, Rachel Preffer x Molten Store Large Pyrite ring $189.00 and the Pi├▒ata Earrings in Copper $39.00. You may recognise a few of them from this cool chick (2nd image down) at Fashion Week. Who is she you ask? Jessy Cameron, the Mother hen of Molten Store aka the owner. I had the same reaction when I first saw her - Wow, Who's that girl?. Then we met and realised we knew each other via Email and twitter! And although she's from Queensland and I'm from New South Wales and there's meant to be some "State Of origin Rivalry" at the moment (what a tight score last night. I was a little crushed), her contagious smile and warm personality is simply beautiful just like her store. 

I'll leave you with a parting gift, a video from the Rachel Preffer x Molten Store collaboration. Everyone loves a bit of sparkle, check it out:

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  1. She looks just so charming and its no wonder that you was conqured by her, i like her Women's leather tote handbags and the beautiful orange Platform thick heel shoes more than herself actually!


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