Young blood


I was really excited to do a test with my friend Makai and Metaxia - I mean by just going off their unique names it was going to be a fun experience. Strutting through a car park, creating make-shift 'wardrobe space', hoping that our stuff wouldn't get stolen and listening to frank ocean and a few other artists to get Makai's swag going. I was not only appointed stylist but also model coach for the day, and for those who have been on shoots before you know how easy it is to try and copy the model and show them what kind of look you want. Now just imagine how stupid I looked. I'm definitely no model but I couldn't stop myself from pulling masculine poses and walking like I had swag dripping off me. 
The end result was cool, Metaxia worked her magic and Makaii worked his. What do you think of our little collaboration? Makaii is a fresh face and an unsigned one, he's done well for his first ever shoot.

xo your little Lady,


Model: Makai Beaumont | Photographer: Metaxia Coustas | Stylist: Basilia Dulawan

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  1. amazing photos, especially the last two. love the camo!



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