In the swing of things

Sportsgirl Bomber Jacket, Topshop box shirt, Topshop Skirt, Proenza Schouler PS11 bag, Beacons closet rings and Soles boots

Just as I'm preparing myself to go away for my Uluru adventure with my family tomorrow, things are really starting to pick up. I've got an internship trial which I've got my fingers and toes crossed I get, a photoshoot, an interview and a little street cred with that 'Coastal Contours' shoot I did late last year with Andrew Fearman published on Culture and No Cigar Magazine. To top off my friday I spent it twirling around Bondi, eating Miss Chu's & hanging out with my new photographer friend Andrea. Got to say big thanks to my mum for talking me up to her patients at work - best PR ever, that's how I found Andrea and she is brilliant! Definitely one photographer to watch. Enjoy these photos...I've got to get back to the packing: singlets + sunscreen and a bucket of insect repellent = Uluru essentials. 

Ciao guys! Keep a look out for beautiful sunsets via my instagram over the next few days. Hope I can handle the heat. 

All photography by Andrea


White, wear it 3 ways.

White, I think it may well be the colour of the season along side emerald which Pantone has officially announced as the colour of the year. But as you may know, I'm not one to discriminate based on colour. My wardrobe is pretty much a bright and heavily patterned rainbow. However, in a strange turn of events when hitting the shopping strips of New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco - I found myself picking up solid colours in baby pinks, teal, green and white. And when I returned to my apartment I was more than impressed to see that surprisingly, they all kind of worked well together. 

In the first pic, I've paired my oversized 3.1 Phillip Lim 'WEIRDO' Tee that I found on my last day in New York with a pair of vintage trousers I completely forgot about back home and those J.W Anderson x Aldo heels that I can only seem to wear for no more than 2hrs. It's a pity, if I could I would wear them all day everyday, but bunions don't seem to be very chic. Pheobe Philo was definitely on to something with those fur-lined Birkenstocks, we all know we (secretly) want to own a pair. 
On another note, since being back I've really started to don a very black and white minimalist look - I mean, as minimalist as I can get. The neon earrings were a must - I needed at least some colour. Forgive me for not wanting to be so black and white. 

Now to a look that you'll all be familiar with - my classic shirt + vest + pant combo. The real selling point to this Opening Ceremony jacket I fell in love with in New York was the fact that you could zip off the sleeves - more bang for your buck and versatility at it's finest! Everyone knows I like a good jacket, but I love myself a great vest. Here I teamed it back with this white net top from French Connection that seems the be the best neutral piece to break up all the 'crazy' in my outfits like the printed vest and pink H&M pants that still need to be taken up. In chilly New York, I found myself constantly layering this jacket underneath my collarless teal coat and leaving the lapels to hang out as if it were made to be there. I felt like a magician everyday constantly changing the look of the jacket - with sleeves, without sleeves, under a coat, or over a jumper - clearly I'm trying to justify it with it's price per wear. 

Finally, metallic & white. There is no better go-to when I'm feeling a little un-inspired for an outfit. I'm pretty proud of these jeans, they were $9.95 from my work Sportsgirl, and now with a further 30% off the sale they come down to a price that's cheaper-than-the-price-of-bread, $6.95. Wowee go get yourself a pair. These are my second pair of white boyfriend jeans, but again they seem to go with everything especially my favourite studded Isabel Marant heels I scored on my first day in LA for 40% off. It was a lucky first day if you count skipping out on catching a taxi to walk from Beverly Centre up to PinkBerry on Sunset Blvd (that's about 3 miles/5kms up hill), but then to see every girl's teenage dreamboat (Circa 2007) Justin Bieber Jesse McCartney walk in hiding his baby face in a hoodie & wearing some really weird genie-esque slippers at 1am. At that moment besides wanting to sing Beautiful Soul to him, I knew America would be a great adventure for sure! It was, who knew I'd come back with a whole new head-over-heels love for white? Haha

Hope you're all having a great week. 

xo B


My Space Jam

Feeling more than inspired by my recent trip to New York I have so much I want to achieve this year. Yet I am still unavoidably deflated by the fact that I'm no longer riding the subway from Brooklyn -Uptown, eating my weight in spirulina chips from WholeFoods and marvelling at the smoke magically emerging from the street - now that's some Ninja Turtles subway shit right there - imagine my amazement! But after seeing the Kid President tell me (in his hilariously cute but inspiring mini black suit and tie) "your gooder than that" I decided to put my inspiration into action and start a new project. Currently it is still scribbled ideas on a paper that I keep waking up in the middle of the night to add to, but as your friend via the interweb I just thought it was my duty to let you know. This project will be my space Jam just like old mate mike. But never fear, I promise to keep you in the loop via instagram, twitter, Facebook and whatever means necessary until it launches hopefully by my 21st birthday in March. Here's to trying to plan my 21st, finishing college, working in order to get back to NYC & turning my ideas into a fun little place I hope you'll enjoy. Cheeeeeers people! Cheers! 

And because no matter who you are, if you believe in yourself and your dream, New York will always be the place for you. 

- Michael Bloomberg 

New York is the place for me, but Sydney I'm happy to stay for a while longer.