My Space Jam

Feeling more than inspired by my recent trip to New York I have so much I want to achieve this year. Yet I am still unavoidably deflated by the fact that I'm no longer riding the subway from Brooklyn -Uptown, eating my weight in spirulina chips from WholeFoods and marvelling at the smoke magically emerging from the street - now that's some Ninja Turtles subway shit right there - imagine my amazement! But after seeing the Kid President tell me (in his hilariously cute but inspiring mini black suit and tie) "your gooder than that" I decided to put my inspiration into action and start a new project. Currently it is still scribbled ideas on a paper that I keep waking up in the middle of the night to add to, but as your friend via the interweb I just thought it was my duty to let you know. This project will be my space Jam just like old mate mike. But never fear, I promise to keep you in the loop via instagram, twitter, Facebook and whatever means necessary until it launches hopefully by my 21st birthday in March. Here's to trying to plan my 21st, finishing college, working in order to get back to NYC & turning my ideas into a fun little place I hope you'll enjoy. Cheeeeeers people! Cheers! 

And because no matter who you are, if you believe in yourself and your dream, New York will always be the place for you. 

- Michael Bloomberg 

New York is the place for me, but Sydney I'm happy to stay for a while longer. 

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