Make a bold statement

Wish blouse, H&M skirt, YSL shades (borrowed from my lil sis) and novo shoes
Absolutely loving pencil skirts this season - especially this one I picked up in the H&M store in New York. As soon I saw it I thought it was a piece of artwork, a timeless statement piece if you will. I thought I'd have to be pretty brave to wear something of this length, something of this fit and something of this bold geometric print. But when I found out my sister was doing The World's Greatest Shave, I knew that she was truly brave. Making a real bold statement and going bald

Today is my sister's 23rd birthday and this sunday she is shaving her head in front of all her sponsors and loads of friends and family. This means she won't have hair to style for her graduation in May, or hair to braid when she moves over to Bolivia. So with that on our mind all this week we've been whipping out our GHD and doing what we can while my sister still has her long beautiful, beautiful hair. Damn she's brave! Reading her post on why she's shaving for a cure made me realise that it wasn't about her, but about the bigger cause she was contributing to. I'm pretty proud of her and think she'll look amazingly bold bald - don't worry follow me on instagram for Sunday's updates - but if you would like to show your support you can sponsor her here

Make a statement this week, be brave.

xo Baz

All photography by Andrea 

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